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World Book Day 2024

On our very special World Book Day this year as a full school, we celebrated in style!

As is our tradition now, staff all dressed up as their favourite characters which as you can see is a sight to be seen! 

I was lucky enough to be able to be my own fictional character, 12 year old Pixie Van Dimple from my own childrens’ books! Everyone put so much effort into the day and it was a tremendous success.We would particularly like to thank Rosie for organising and planning the event and putting so much thought into the activities, all designed to encourage and inspire our students to read and develop their love of books and storytelling.

One of the highlights of the day was the door decorating competition. Students and staff worked together to create some amazing artwork as you can see. It was difficult to choose one winner so Saturn and Neptune were joint winners!

Other activities involved football and book quizzes, character design and a reading relay at the end of day where staff read to classes in rotation, had lively discussions about the stories and what they liked or disliked about the books.

The main event though was the Book Bistro where each classroom had been decorated to look and feel like a cafe with Book menus and refreshments. With a chilled ambience, and waiter service the students enjoyed checking out the books on offer and reading them whilst having a drink and a snack - what more could they want?

I was invited to Saturn’s Book Bistro and took my own books along. The students were fascinated to hear I wrote the books and were asking about how you publish a book and we talked about what the stories were about and if I was going to write another book. I have many ideas and not enough time to get pen to paper! I was looked after spectacularly well and enjoyed it tremendously. To be thoroughly recommended!

Thank you to all the students too who were amazing throughout the day and enjoyed taking part. There was something for everyone!

A question for you as parents and carers.. What do you look for in a book? Does the cover have an influence on what you buy or read? Do you like to be recommended a book? Do you like a good fiction book or do you prefer non-fiction and information books? Are you a member of your local library?

Happy World Book Day! 


Door Decorating Competition! 

Book Bistro

How can I help you? What would you like ? We have a fantastic selection available !