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Twickenham Apiary

Visit to the Apiary

This week we have all been learning about bees. We are lucky enough to have an apiary in Twickenham just a ten minutes walk away. Volunteers kindly offered to teach us all about the bees. We walked to and from the apiary, and we were all super sensible and amazing at following instructions and road safety. When we arrived we learnt about different insects and what makes an insect and insect. Afterwards, we learnt more details about bees. Galaxy class were able to share some facts they knew too which really impressed the beekeepers. Next, we got to have a closer look at the bees (behind the hide so very safe). We saw the colony of bees making their honey and even got to spot the queen bee! Finally, we learnt about pollination the volunteers at the apiary demonstrated pollination by playing a great game with us where we were given different flowers to be pollinated. A big thank you to Twickenham apiary for having us visit! We'll definitely be back.