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Capella House Consultation Report

The purpose of this report is to provide full information about the Section 10 Consultation on The Auriga Academy Trust’s proposal to open Capella House School as a free school, as required by the Department for Education (DfE).

The main purpose of this consultation was to consult with key stakeholders and interested parties on whether The Auriga Academy Trust and the Secretary of State for Education should enter into a Funding Agreement under the terms of the Academies Act 2010. This is a requirement before the school can open.

The consultation also took the opportunity to provide information to stakeholders about the vision and aims of the Trust and the identified need for a new school for pupils with Special Educational Needs in Richmond-upon-Thames (specifically Speech, Language and Communication needs) and invited responses to this information. 

Please click on the PDF below to view the full report. Please also find below a document answering your questions from the Section 10 Consultation for Capella House School.