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At Capella House we are proud of our inclusive and motivating approach to teaching. We believe that by  understanding our pupils, we are able to deliver a bespoke curriculum for each individual.

The school offers specialist teaching and support staff with additional appropriate qualifications,
training and experience.

  • A collaborative, classroom-based approach to the delivery of speech and language therapy
  • Access to a differentiated mainstream curriculum
  • A variety of approaches to the development of literacy skills through programmes and strategies based on clinical research and best practice
  • Inclusion opportunities with mainstream peers if appropriate
  • Outreach work and the sharing of good practice

Our school uses a bespoke National Curriculum to ensure that our students with Speech, Language and Communication needs and sensory needs can access it. Our Head of Primary, in collaboration with headteacher, school staff and curriculum developing specialists, has developed a curriculum which combines the National Curriculum with key vocabulary and communication skills in order to provide our students with the type or learning that suits better their learning style and needs. This curriculum aims to provide students with a multisensory learning experience that will enable their learning and generalization of the skills required to continue to navigate through the curriculum and that prepares them for further education and future. 

On the left side menu you can explore what each class will be learning each term as well as which keywords they need to learn in order to be able to fully understand the lessons and therefore, to access the curriculum. We encourage parents and carers to download this key/core vocabulary each term and work on it with their children at home. This will support their understanding of the word and also the generalization of the word in different contexts.