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Ethos & Vision

Hear our voices, see us shine

Our school is named after Capella, the brightest star in the Auriga constellation.  This, together with the connotations of singing a cappella i.e.: unaccompanied and in harmony, is a very good metaphor for our vision for Capella House pupils with their speech, language and communication needs.

School Profile

Capella House will be a unique specialist school meeting the needs of children with speech, language and communication difficulties.  Situated on two sites in Twickenham, West London, children and young people from the ages of 4 to 19 will be at the heart of an active learning community.

Pupil Profile

Pupils whose primary or main presenting needs relate to difficulties with speech, language and communication but may also have social communication needs and/or Autism. Although the attainment profile of pupils may be a couple of years below age related expectations they may also be exemplified by an uneven attainment profile across all subjects.

Our Mission

Every member of Capella House School will have a voice and contribute to its core purpose: that of providing consistently excellent, engaging and innovative specialist teaching and learning opportunities in a nurturing, safe and therapeutically rich environment.  

Expectations of Capella House pupils, parents and staff will be high.  A multi-professional and highly skilled team will work collaboratively, developing personalised approaches to learning, ensuring that individual needs are met.

The distinctive ethos of Capella House School will make a positive contribution to the wider community.  Its members will be valued as individuals who are socially responsible and act for the benefit of others.  

Just as Capella is the brightest star in Auriga, so Capella  House will enable everyone in our school community to have a voice and to shine.

Opening this new special school will enable The Auriga Academy Trust to further expand the local provision of special school places for Richmond and Kingston. This enables us to help keep these vulnerable children and young people in their home community.

Clarendon and Strathmore Schools formed the Auriga Academy Trust on 1st October 2016.  Becoming a ‘Multi-Academy Trust’ (MAT) under the direction of a Trust Board has enabled our schools to work collaboratively to ensure maximum benefit for all students through best practice, resources and economies of scales.