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Family Support

Within Capella House, a Family Partnership Worker will be available to offer parents opportunities to meet, chat, gain support and help signpost to other local activities, clubs and support groups. 

We aim to organise regular coffee mornings with opportunities for parents and carers to meet, share experiences, take part in workshops or just take time out of a busy life.  We know that parent peer support is one of the most valuable resources. 

Family Therapy

It is intended to make Family Therapy available to our Cappella House pupils from year 3 when the cohort is of a sufficient size.  This intensive Family Therapy Group runs one day each week, following the Marlborough Family Therapy Model. This involves six or seven selected pupils and their parents attending over a prolonged period (often more than a year) to work alongside a school-based partner (a senior member of staff) and a trained psychotherapist from the School and Family Works. Pupils will be selected based on referrals.

Referrals could come from staff, parents or pupils themselves. Outcomes from attendees and graduates of this group have been very significant, with pupils making and sustaining improved progress in attendance, behaviour and academic attainment.  Parents also report improved relationships at home and better engagement with school.

Health Care

The school will work closely with health care agencies to ensure that first aiders and staff are kept up-to-date and trained to support any students with specific illnesses, such as diabetes, asthma, allergies, depression and anxiety.  

The school will be supported by the Schools’ Nursing Service; a named School Nurse will be attached to Capella House School to support parents, pupils, safeguarding and training needs of staff.  The School Nurse will liaise weekly in order to support and advise the school and families. Referrals will also be made to CAMHS (Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service) when necessary and, for those pupils who are already receiving support, ongoing communication will be prioritised.

Medicines for pupils will be managed by a named member of staff who is first aid trained. The Medicines Policy will cover medical attention, the administration and storage of medication for employees and pupils of Capella House School.

Social Services

Capella House School will have a dedicated Social Care Manager linked to the school who will offer support and advice.  The school will liaise closely with all social and family support workers to ensure the best outcomes for pupils and their families.