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Mental Health support in school

If you have concerns about your child's mental health and wellbeing  (and it is not an emergency), please talk to your child's class teacher in the first instance. From there, we will be able to direct you to appropriate support or offer provision in school.


We have an array of provision in school, please take some time to read about what we offer below. 


ELSA Emotional Literacy Support in Schools

An ELSA in a school is an Emotional Literacy Support Assistant. ELSAs are emotional literacy support assistants. They are teaching assistants who have had special training from educational psychologists to support the emotional development of children and young people in school. ELSAs have regular professional supervision from educational psychologists to help them in their work. ELSAs help children and young people learn to understand their emotions and respect the feelings of those around them. They provide the time and space for pupils to think about their personal circumstances and how they manage them. We currently have ELSA running sessions at Capella Secondary and they can help out with an array of challenges from bereavement to friendship issues. 


MHST Mental Health Support Teams

In Kingston and Richmond, AFC are part of the Mental Health Support Teams (MHST) in Schools initiative with South West London Partnership. In Kingston and Richmond, the teams are delivered by Achieving for Children (AFC) as part of our Emotional Health Service. Within the MHST, schools are divided into groups (known as clusters).  Chase Bridge Primary School are very proud to be the lead school for the third Richmond cluster, Wave 8.


All referrals to the MHST need to be made via the GP or young person's school. The school's designated Mental Health Lead (Miss Gray) can also make a referral to the team once they have consent from the child's parent. 

The MHST offers a variety of support through individual interventions, group work and a whole-school approach. However, families may also be signposted to other organisations in the local area. This includes online mental health services and resources, as well as charities and voluntary organisations that offer specialised support in areas such as bereavement and ADHD.


School "Earth the Monster"

As part of our PSHE curriculum and work on mental health awareness, Capella Primary has introduced the use of 'Earth the Monster' into all classrooms at Primary. This is a postbox where children can report their concerns without needing to interact directly with an adult. Due to their SLCN, pupils at Capella can find expressing their feelings and concerns verbally very challenging. With this tool, pupils can put any worry they may have into the postbox and they will get a response in the preferred way ( verbally from an adult or a letter back using widgit). Worries can be anonymous, children do not have to put their name on them, in that case, worries will be discussed in class. 

Please find below some useful links to further support our families 

Play Therapy at School

Pupils at Capella Primary have access to play therapy  with an specialist from AfC. This gives our pupils  a space to develop skills that can then support them in the world. Furthermore, it gives them a  space to express their feelings, concerns and worries through play. 


Mind - Our information pages will help you learn more about mental health, wellbeing and types of mental health problems.


CAMHS - This site was created for young people, carers and professionals to gather lots of helpful resources from across the internet that are available to help support your mental health and well-being. 


Young Minds - Whether you want to understand more about how you're feeling and find ways to feel better, or you want to support someone who's struggling, we can help.


Achieving for Children's Emotional Health Service

The Emotional Health Service (EHS) is a team of therapists that work with young people and their families who have mild to moderate mental health difficulties.


Anna Freud - National Centre for Children and Families

Their vision is for a world where all children and young people are able to achieve their full potential. A world in which they and their families get support that is designed with their input, available at the right time, and meets their needs, so that they can develop their emotional and mental health.


BBC Teach - When I worry about things - stories and animations which may help open conversations between you and your child. Please be sure to view these materials before advising young people to watch them.