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Occupational Therapy

At Capella House Primary, we have a part-time Occupational Therapist  and a full time Therapy Assistant who assists both departments, SALT and OT. Students take part in 1 weekly group session which is delivered by our Occupational Therapist as well as individual/group interventions delivered by the Therapy assistant, supervised by the OT, when and where required. 

All students at Capella  House Primary, get formally assessed by our Occupational Therapist using a standardised assessment when they first join the school. This test supports our Occupational Therapy team on making decisions with regard to intervention and equipment required for each of our students

Following the same principle as in SALT, staff is regularly trained to deliver OT aspects in the class such as fine motor control, sensory diets and other aspects that will support students in staying regulated and focus. 

Furthermore, there is a sensory/OT room where students go for sensory breaks and to regulate when they are dysregulated. This room is used daily, having some students who have these breaks timetabled in and others who will use it only when it is required.