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Remote Learning

During the period of Lockdown, in March 2020, students were set work using online facilities through Google Classroom. All students had access to the school systems, either through their own equipment or school Chromebooks lent to them. 

This work was well completed by most students with returned assignments returned either during the period of lockdown, or upon the return to school. There is a display of art work competed during this time showing imaginative engagement by many students. 

Due to the size of the school, Capella House is acting in one ‘Bubble’. This means that there are no restrictions on groups of staff and students working together within the social distancing guidelines. From June, the school has focussed on a ‘Recovery Curriculum’ focussing on behaviour for learning, and social communication. From September, we have developed routines and procedures to ensure all learners are confident and comfortable with a positive learning ethos. 

If the school needs to self-isolate, provision to learn through Google classroom has been made. All students have access to suitable ICT and have passwords and secure access to the school system. Initially, staff will provide students with paper based materials to ‘get everyone going’ which will be followed up with Maths and English lessons every day, and a range of other subjects, activities and projects from which students can work. 

The curriculum content is tailored to working from home, and while the intent will follow the curriculum planning, activities and assignments may vary to suit the restrictions of working from home. 

Not all students are able to work in isolation. It is recognised that after a period of self-isolation, some students will need intensive interventions to bridge any gaps. 

Some lessons will require retimetabling in order to allow students with similar needs to be taught together. 

During any period of self-isolation, teachers will contact parents by phone at least once a week, and are always available through email to answer any queries.