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Capella House pupils have access to a range of therapies which supports or complements their learning. To learn more about the different types of therapies available click below.

Click below to download our Universal Provision document.

Speech and Language Therapy

Pupils at Capella House School will need additional support to develop their speech, language, communication and social skills.  Each Speech & Language Therapist will be assigned to two class groups and will provide therapy, advice and assistance to pupils on a needs-led basis.

Speech & language therapists and teachers will plan and work collaboratively so that the curriculum and academic demands are supported and reinforced by the Speech and Language Therapy Team.  In Key Stage 4, the therapists will work closely with the teaching staff to support pupils to access exam curriculum content and develop vital study skills

Occupational Therapy

All classroom staff will deliver occupational therapy, with training and oversight by an occupational therapist employed by the school. In addition, a Therapy Assistant will be appointed to support and deliver programmes across the school.


Physiotherapy will be provided to meet the requirement as set out in the EHCPs of individual pupils but the level of need for this type of therapy is expected to be relatively low.  

Additional Therapies

Additional therapies such as music therapy, art therapy and counselling to individual pupils and small groups based on need will be made available within Capella House School as required.

Referrals for these therapies will be made by staff, parents or the pupils themselves. Referrals will be considered based on the additional therapies that have already been accessed or are currently being accessed by pupils. Pupils will not access multiple additional therapies at one time. This will ensure that the impact of each of the therapies is known and evaluated.

Psychology Services

Capella House will buy in time each week from the Educational Psychology Service, phased in as the school grows.

The Educational Psychologist will meet with the Headteacher to plan the support needs for the term ahead. This will be reviewed regularly and additional support can be purchased from the Educational Psychology Service if necessary.  Referrals for support from the Clinical Psychology Service can also be made.